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Parish Pals

Parish Pals is an initiative that pairs parishioners to commit to a weekly call for a period of three months. The goal is to build friendships and provide mutual support during a difficult season. To participate contact Anna at 613-225-8523 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we starting this program?
This is a difficult season when it is harder for parishioners to gather and parish social events are on hiatus. The goal of this program is to build friendships between parishioners and provide mutual support. A healthy parish is a parish where parishioners know and care about each other, pray for each other, and help each other through their struggles. A friendly regular phone call can go a long way to ease loneliness. By participating in this program, you might make a new friend, see a new perspective, hear wisdom, and be reassured that someone cares about you.

What is the commitment?
We ask Pals to call each other at least once a week for a period of three (3) months. Pals agree between themselves what time the call should be, how long the call should be, what platform to use (traditional phone or video-call platform), who calls who, and what to talk about. Please be considerate that your partner may have less availability than you. After three (3) months, Pals can choose to continue their weekly calls, switch partners, or leave the program.

What should we talk about?
Anything you like: how your week has been, shared interests, faith, what you are watching on Netflix. The call can be as short or as long as you like. If you are both interested, you can pray together. If you would like to be on the Parish Pals email list, facilitator Anna will send out a weekly email with a few
conversation starter ideas.

Who will my Pal be?
This program is open to all adult parishioners - including parishioners who do not regularly attend in-person Mass. You may be matched with anyone in the program. If it is important to you to be matched with someone of the same gender, please let the facilitator Anna know.

How do I sign up? What is the deadline?
To sign up, contact the facilitator Anna Robotham at 613-225-8523 or
She will explain the program to you, take your contact info, match you to another parishioner and
introduce you. There is no deadline to sign-up. Matching will be done on a rolling basis as more
parishioners sign-up.

What if my Pal and I do not get along?
Part of this program is to connect parishioners who do not generally talk to one another … but we
understand that sometimes personalities might not align well. If after a few weeks, you decide that the match is not working out, please contact the facilitator Anna and she will reassign you to a new Pal. If
your Pal is not behaving appropriately or upsetting you, please contact the facilitator Anna immediately.
Abusive language and behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the program.


I have more questions.
Please contact the facilitator Anna at 613-225-8523 or

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