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Kitchen Party at St. Augustine

Last weekend, Father Scott hosted an Irish ceilidh for the parish. Little did he know that it was also a surprise 65th birthday party for him. The church ladies and gents had a great time getting ready for the “Kitchen Party”.

The term Ceilidh is derived from the Old Irish cele meaning “companion”. Originally, a ceilidh was a social gathering of any sort which did not necessarily involve music and dancing.

The parish hall was packed. One of the band members gave dance lessons. The music was Devine.

On long, dark winter nights it is still popular for friends to gather in Ireland, Scotland and at St. Augustine Church for an old fashioned ceilidh (pronounced kay’lee). Young and old are entertained by stories, music and dance. Of course no kitchen party is complete without some food and drink!

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Attendees were treated to some fine eats made by the Church ladies and gents. Being a traditional Irish party spirits were served. Father Scott obtained a liquor licence which allowed wine and beer to be served along with tea, coffee and a rather large birthday cake with two boats on it.

As many of you know Father Frank is a fisherman of fish as well as MEN!

Thanks to everyone for all your support in making Father Scott’s 65th ceilidh a huge success!

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