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Senior's Movie Night - Barbara Miles

Senior's Movie Night team (left to right), Barbara Miles, Terry Mullally, Errol Koffi, Myrtle Murphy, Louise Koffi,

Senior’s Movie Night has been a popular program that has run for a number of years at St. Augustine. We use a simple formula of a good movie, popcorn, snacks and beverages to provide seniors a nice night out among friends. We aim to show both recent and classic movies that relate to real life events, something that will resonate with the group in some way. Half-way through the film there’s a lovely array of appetizers, sandwiches, and sweets that everyone gets to enjoy. This event is truly a team effort. Our team of volunteers decorate the hall, prepare the food and drinks, make all our guests feel welcomed, and then clean up afterwards. Attendance ranges anywhere from 25 to 50 guests, it’s a great event for everyone from different masses to come together and get to know each other. It is truly is a lovely night out among friends.

- Barbara Miles

Seniors enjoying the showing of the "Darkest Hour" starring Oscar winner Gary Oldman.

Senior’s Movie Night takes place on the first Friday of every month. Contact Barbara with any movie recommendations or for more information. or 613-224-3412.

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