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Created by the hands of our very own parishioners in reverence to the Lord.


The stained glass windows that surround the St. Augustine church are an incredible vision of pivotal scenes from the bible. If you look closely, you will recognize: the Birth of Jesus, Annunciation of Mary, Baptism of Jesus, Death and Resurrection, the Ascension—just to name a few.  But also representations of the Revelation, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity.


Equally interesting are the artists who actually made this art possible. 

The Stained Glass Window Makers were a group of dedicated parishioners who have taken on the task of providing for the parish stained glass windows to enhance and beautify our worship space.


Working from a comprehensive plan developed by the late Father Adrian Visscher, SCJ, the Stained Glass Window Makers created windows that now tell the story of the life and ministry of Jesus and the church.


They learned from Father Adrian Visscher the art of making these beautiful windows and shared their talent and passion for this art form with the whole community. Each stained glass window was commissioned by a parishioner and created to order.  Father Adrian Visscher built himself the backlit stained glass that oversees the baptism area. 

This was a 10-year project that now gives soul and light to the entire church.

Baptism of Jesus

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