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Official Website Launch

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. It has been crafted to reflect what our parishioners need to know, but also new comers to the community or people interested in joining our Church.

Immediately, you will notice richer content, simple navigation and access to the information you need – like the mass schedule – any time of day.

Three things you’ll love about it:

  1. Parish News: this is a new section where we posts blogs, pictures from past events, and our usual bulletin. And, better, you can now subscribe to it.

  2. Ministries: if you are interested in volunteering and joining small groups that make a difference to the community, this lists all the ministries you can join.

  3. Events: you will see quickly all the up-coming events we are organizing. Review what we have coming and let us know if you are interested!

LOGO. We are also introducing a brand new logo.

We have stylized the Holy Spirit -- the dove – we see on the main sculpture above the alter. And we kept the antique lettering that makes St-Augustine distinct.

The dominant color purple in the logo was chosen because, in the Church, this color represents Advent and Lent, as well as the color of the stole the priest wears when he hears confessions.

We hope you find the new website useful and easy to use.

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