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One-Day Pilgrimage to Montreal

In early October, St. Augustine organized a one-day pilgrimage to St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. Along the way, our pilgrims were treated to a mystery stop at the fabulous Verger Croque Pomme in Thurso, Quebec. Following the old highway to Montreal, we were treated to the glorious fall landscape while listening to gregorian chants.

As it was the Feast Day of our Lady of the Holy Rosary, we prayed the Rosary together. After some free time in Old Montreal, we celebrated a private mass celebrated by our own clergymen--Fathers Scott, Ray and Steve at the Oratory and were led on a private tour of the majestic cathedral.

Pilgrimages have been a part of the Christian experience for centuries. They are usually a spiritual journey to a sacred place.  Often they are highly sociable which allows participants to enjoy the company of others they meet on the road. It gives pilgrims the chance re-energize mentally, physical and spiritually.

For us, it was like a small retreat, a time away from home and the regular routine to concentrate on the spiritual life without distractions.

Our journey was certainly rewarding and ended on a high note with a quick stop to pick up the best bagels in Montreal and an old-fashioned potluck supper upon our return to St. Augustine Parish.

Here are some pictures from that event.


Click on image to enlarge

A few pics from the Verger Croque Pomme in Thurso, Quebec.

Thanks to the volunteers who made this day happen, and organized a fabulous sunset !

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