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Coffee Sundays at St. Augustine

At St. Augustine, we like to say that we are a church involved in & caring about the community. Nowhere is this more apparent than during our Coffee Sundays.

The last Sunday of every month, right after the 9:00 am and 10:30 am masses, we always get together downstairs in the parish hall.

You find redemption and eternity on the main floor… but you can find a real, warm coffee in the basement... a great combination!

Coffee Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to meet new folks, to catch up with old friends, and to watch the children play together while their parents enjoy time with other people. It is our opportunity to demonstrate our caring for one another by engaging with people in your community.

It is also a good occasion for newcomers to discover the warm welcome that awaits them at St. Augustine.

Anna (on the pictures) is our Coffee Sunday Coordinator Extraordinaire. Resourceful enough to host any Royal Family if they were to visit at the last minute, and can cook anything to make of all France jealous. She is our hostess with the most-est.

All are welcome.

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