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Social Action Committee - Inez Gignac

Inez Gignac - Leader of the Social Action Committee

I’ve been a part of the social action committee for a long time, my husband Pat and I have been doing it since the 80s. My role as lead of the committee is to get events organized and gather the people. There’s about eight of us on the committee and the rest are volunteers who come out to help. Some of them are involved in other things as well, but we come together to help each other. It’s always great to see a variety of people from young and old working together, we’re just like brothers and sisters. The social action committee holds a rummage sale twice a year, during the fall and spring time. The funds go out to help the poor and deliver Christmas Hampers. We work closely with Debra Dynes Family House, any food donations we receive we donate towards the food bank. If someone needs furniture we help bring out the furniture to them. It’s hard to explain, it’s something you’ve got to do all the time to really know what you’re doing. It’s a natural thing that I enjoy to do, working with other people, I love it.

The rummage sale took place on Saturday Oct 26, 2019.

The rummage sale amassed almost $2,600. 84 Christmas hampers will be provided from past proceeds, other donations and this weekend’s proceeds all together. The next rummage sale is planned for Saturday April 25, 2019 from 10AM to noon. Mark your calendars!

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