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Children's Liturgy - Denis Therrien

Denis Therrien has been leading Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) for more than four (4) years. He thoroughly loves it.

(Left to right) Denis Therrien, Judy Van Ulft, Sue Hart, Fr. Francis, Kelly Trojanowski, Adam Trojanowski

"In my professional career, I give presentations, and lead our chair meetings, but teaching children on Sundays is different. I prepare a message for both the children and parents. The sessions last about 25 minutes - the material must be well-prepared and tight. Then the children leave with a pamphlet for both them and the parents to discuss and work on at home."

- Denis Therrien

The Sunday CLOW sessions have been given by one of three (3) adult parishioners - Judy, Sue, or Denis. Recently, a veteran young CLOW helper, Kelly, graduated to lead a few sessions. For Judy and Sue, their work careers have exposed them to health, financial, and government settings. Very often they find that their young Sunday audience can be more attentive that their weekday jobs.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word schedule: Early September to the end of June (except the Sunday between Christmas and New Years, and Easter Sunday).

Summer recess: July & August.

Target age group: 4 to 11; Helpers 12+ years-old For more info: Denis Therrien (613) 228-7646

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