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Holy Week Calendar

Greetings at this time of reflection and prayer.

Live recordings of Holy Week masses will be uploaded to the 'St Augustine Parish Ottawa' YouTube channel.

Note: all liturgies of Holy week are in private, churches remain locked

This weekend we are launching into the most Holy week for all Christians. We enter the Paschal Mystery, the Death and Resurrection of Christ. It is an invitation to go deeper in what it means for you and your journey of Faith. At this time the Coronavirus epidemic causes us to think again of who we are ... and just where are we going.... Like an Old song... What's it all about... in our homes, our parish and our schools

The liturgies this year will be quite different.. in that they are somewhat private, reflective and solitary; offered for your needs and the entire parish. We begin with Palm Sunday at 9am mass. *April 5 One of the main focus will be the Lord's Passion from the Gospel of Mathew, proclaimed in parts. The distribution of palms will be offered at another time.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy week will be offered in private for your intentions and the entire parish, at 9am. Click on the day to go to the YouTube link for the recorded mass.

Holy Thursday, April 9 eve. mass at 8 pm

*note: no washing of feet; nor procession and repository of the Eucharist (private)

Good Friday, April 10 at 3 pm

This too will be a simple, reverent and powerful image...

Behold, Behold the Wood of the Cross, on which is hung our Salvation.

The Passion narrative from the Gospel of John will be proclaimed; giving us a glimpse of who really is in charge...

Easter Vigil, April 11 at 8 pm

A simple reverent mass offered for the parishioners. Lighting of the Paschal candle... Exsultet sung, four readings from OT. Blessing of Water and Eucharist. (private liturgy)

This joyous morning will focus on the importance of Resurrection. Christ is Risen... Let us sing our Alleluias... For it is this Day that the Lord has made and how the Gospel and its message makes sense of who we are.

I take this time to pray for you and each other. Let us grow in Faith and Hope in the Easter message of how God never tires in giving us His mercy. Happy to bring phone call messages to all parishioners... many thanks to volunteers who participate.

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