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KOC: The Way of the Cross [Mar 12 to Apr 2]

On Saturdays at 3-4:20pm, from March 12 to April 2, The Knights of Columbus will be hosting the Stations of the Cross through the practice of synodality (journeying together) with the Holy Spirit in our parish worship space. This event will also be available to people who would like to participate via Zoom. Each Saturday, we will engage in the following:

  • 3:00 to 4:00 pm - an examination and reflection of the Stations of the Cross in conversaton with one another combining in-Church and on-Line(via Zoom) participation.

  • 4:00 to 4:20 pm - participate in a presentation of 3 to 4 of the stations of the cross each week for our personal enrichment. Details and registration can be found here: The Way of the Cross Details & Registration You can also register below.


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